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2 Free translation applications for BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve..

Navita BB Translator and BBTran :

You can download free translation applications for BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve, pearl, etc.

Navita BB Translator and BBTran are free translation apps for BlackBerry, they are simple to install and use.

Navita BB Translator is a translation and dictionary client application developed for BlackBerry smartphones. Translate words, phrases from e-mails as well as from the BlackBerry Browser or typing in the software.

The Navita BB Translator currently supports English, Portuguese and Spanish interfaces (depends on the language set in your BlackBerry) and translates from 6 to 6 (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian) languages.

BlackBerry Navita BB Translator application features:

Quickly translates words and text inputs;
Easily translates phrases;
Translates text directly from your email;
Translates text parts of your BlackBerry® Browser as you select them;
Translates from 6 to 6 idioms (english, portuguese, spanish, french, german and italian);
Supports BIS, BES, BPS, WAP and WiFi;
It runs on BlackBerry® OS 4.3 or higher;
User friendly interface;

Freeware BlackBerry® Translator (Free application for BlackBerry®);
Software size is smaller than 120kb;
Send your translation by e-mail, sms or pin;
Save your translation as memopad.

It is very simple to install and holds multiple transport types supported: BIS, BES, BPS and WiFi.

The BlackBerry Navita BB Translator application runs on BlackBerry OS 4.3 or higher and in the followings devices:
BlackBerry® pearl (8100, 8120, 8130);
BlackBerry® Curve ( 8900, 8300, 8310);
BlackBerry® 8800;
BlackBerry® Bold (9000);

Downloading directly from your BlackBerry (OTA) browser at this link:


2. BBTran application :

BBTran is a free online multi-translation application for BlackBerry devices. It translates words, phrases and does a dictionary lookup in 44+ languages with about 2000 translation directions. BBTran consumes various online services such as Google Translate, Systran, FreeTranslation, Reference. com

BBTran application features :
* Free software
* Multiple translation services
* Translation and Dictionary mode
* Any-Any language translation
* Additional examples in Dictionary mode
* Email/SMS/PIN two way integration
* Customizable user interface
* Rich Formatted Translation Output
* Reach text output and Autotext input
* On-line translation database
* On-fly services & languages list update
* Multiple transport types supported: BIS, BES, TCP, WiFi
* Optimized Traffic usage: GZIP Compression, Try WiFi first feature
* Blackberry 4.0+ support
* Automatic update check
* From language Auto-suggest
* and much much more

The application runs on BlackBerry® OS 4.0 or higher * and supports BlackBerry Tour, Storm, Bold (9000),8800 Series (8800, 8820, 8830), Curve (8900,8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i), Pearl (8100, 8120, 8130), 8700 Series ,7130 Series,7100 Series, 7200 Series,7520 etc.

Install BBTran OTA by typing the following address directly in your  BlackBerry Browser:


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