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Aplikasi social PingChat for BlackBerry telah diupdated untuk support BlackBerry Torch 9800 dan BlackBerry OS6 Devices

More about PingChat :

PingChat! — Get Instant messaging on your BlackBerry!
Now featuring group chat, message confirmation, and multimedia support for photos, videos, voice notes, contacts, and maps, all in a beautiful new UI.

Want to message your friends for FREE? This is not another IM or SMS app. It’s straight forward messaging with push notifications.

Why PingChat! beats SMS:
• NO MONTHLY COST. You won’t need to pay your carrier for text messaging. Wi-Fi or your current data plan is all it takes to send messages.

• NO ROAMING CHARGES. Some apps offer free SMS, but are exclusive to the U.S, or support few other carriers. PingChat! is always free, even when messaging overseas and works in ANY COUNTRY in the world.

• FASTER DELIVERY. Messages are not limited by your carrier’s traffic. Notifications are delivered in an instant.

• WORKS WITH MOST SMARTPHONES. Messaging does not have to be limited to phones.

Why PingChat! beats IM:
• NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT. No more confusion with getting bumped off of your computer or device. Stay connected at all times.

• NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS. PingChat! does not require accepting invitations. All you need is your friend’s Ping! ID to start messaging IMMEDIATELY.

• OFFLINE MESSAGES GUARANTEED. Some IM apps do not support offline messages or only support it with specific software (e.g. MSN). All PingChat! messages are stored offline until received.

Using PingChat!
Create a Ping! ID. This is your unique identifier and is required for sending messages. Make sure you choose an ID that you are willing to keep using and identifies you. Share your id with your friends and start chatting!

Download PingChat for BlackBerry di BlackBerry App World

Download HERE !

Atau Download via website PingChat for BlackBerry di:


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