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***Regional Selections Winners of 2010 BlackBerry® Super Apps Challenge

FREE!!! To Empower All BlackBerry® Users’ Experience! Enhance your security and privacy!
iLock enables you to set a password for any app you like. It s a great complement of the system default password function which can only lock the phone entirely.

Now comes with V1.21!
And FREE in limited time, write us your PIN and to cs@mmmooo.com and leave an encouraging feedback to unlock it.

Case study:
1. Want to show your friend some content in your phone, but you dont want the contacts or SMS app accessible, then iLock is the one.
2. Lock single photo
3. Lock a folder
4. Lock 3rd party apps User’s feedback: Stops my friends Facebook raping me, testing my contacts and looking at my photos!

For download :
Download Here

Changelog in V1.2.1:
1. SIM Card Protection. iLock can help you lock your SIM card.
2. Auto Lock. Set a time for iLock, during the time, iLock will launch automatically ;
3. Add Manually. You can lock any items you want to, even BlackBerry® Messenger™, just add it to iLock via manual function.
4. Launch faster;
5. Backup & Restore iLock settings (need SD card);
6. “”Lock all”” and “”Unlock all”” in one action;
7. Adding shortcuts. Manipulation become more convenient;
8. New icon and Search box;

***Add an version control module this time!!! From now on, when there is an upgrade, you could check it in the menu of this app, and get download link.

1. Simple UI with smart and strong password protection function, you can set password for core apps and 3rd part apps
2. The app is running silently & slightly in background, wont occupy additional battery and memory

Guarantee satisfaction: If you find a bug or have a feedback, kindly write an email to us, we can provide revision ASAP. Be so kind and don t leave a malicious comment.

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  1. cara nya gmn yya kalo boleh tw ?/

    • Tinggal download aja apps nya … Nanti jg paham koq ;D

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