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UberTwitter Twitter Applications for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.114

UberTwitter v1.0 telah diupdated ke v1.114 dengan fix beberapa error termasuk connection ke Facebook dan timeline refresh.
Silakan baca fitur fitur UberTwitter dan Download versi terbaru dibawah.

More About UberTwitter for BlackBerry:

Version 1.114 is now available for download! Yes, you read that right, we’re out of beta.

The headline feature in this release is Facebook integration, of course we could have brought you the same integration that everyone else has, simple echoing your tweet text to Facebook, but no, we wanted your posts from ÜberTwitter to be first class citizens in your Facebook stream, complete with rich media previews for pictures and location. Über posts if you will! We think you’ll really like this feature!

Below is a list of the features and capabilities that were introduced in version 1.0. Further down are the additions made in version 1.114.

Rich Facebook Posting – Optionally post your tweets directly to Facebook from your device. Pictures and location show up in your stream as rich media previews.

Bit.ly Pro – You asked and we delivered, now you can configure your own Bit.ly Pro account and track your own URL shortened links and take advantage of the advanced features that Bit.ly provides including the use of custom shortened URLs of your choosing.

Dismissible Ads – For those of you on touch screen devices with the Ad supported version, you can dismiss the ad at the bottom of the screen to give you more screen space.

Below is a list of changes and fixes introduced in UberTwitter version 1.114.

– Detection and reconnection to Facebook prior to sending a tweet

– Facebook send error detection Much better detection of errors and reporting to the user if the post to facebook fails

– Manual refresh Fixed a bug where selecting ‘refresh’ from the menu didn’t always kick off a refresh

– Timeline not refreshing Fixed a bug where the timeline would not refresh and large amounts of CPU would be used causing battery drain

Download ÜberTwitter, Twitter Applications for BlackBerry Version 1.114 at :


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